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Note :- This is not Paying Anymore.

Please Do not use this site any more. This Site is Not Paying Any More. I tried to withraw my btc from the website wallet but they said me you need to wait 1 Month. & I don’t Know Why??

if you are finding best way to mine Bitcoins without doing any work or without any investment on purchasing hardware so, here I am going to talk about best & 100% legit free bitcoin mining site which offers you free cloud mining without investment.

bitcoin free mining legit

is THis a Legit Site??

Btc Online Mining is 100% legit website for Bitcoin Cloud Mining. This website is offering you free bitcoin cloud mining with no investment. so, don’t waste your time create your account now and start making money from today.

How Much you can Mine on BTC Online?

if your question is how many bitcoins or bitcoin satoshi you can mine from this cloud mining website so, You can easily earn 0.0003 BTC daily with no investment but if you want to mine more than this so, you need to upgrade your account after upgrading you can earn upto 0.08000000 BTC per day. your earning depends on your running plan, below you can full details of every plan they are offering right now.

another method to earn more bitcoins from this free btc mining site is Referrals. you can your invite friends to mine more bitcoins freely. you can read more about their referral program below. reviews – How To Mine For Free??

just create your account with the create account button given below. and you can start free cloud mining from this 100% legit bitcoin mining website without investment.

About Referral Program

referral earnings totally depends on what plans your referrals are going to upgrade. at the time of writing this post they are offering total 5 plans to upgrade on, with this you can earn 12% to 40% from your referrals below is a list of their supported plans.

1. Standart: with this plan you can earn 0.00250000 BTC every day.

  • Price: 0.05 BTC
  • Referral Bonus: 15%
  • Earning: 0.00250000 BTC
mining bitcoin online free

2. Basic: with this plan you can earn
0.00044444 BTC every day.

  • Price: 0.01 BTC
  • Referral Bonus: 12%
  • Earning: 0.00044444 BTC
leading bitcoin mining pool

3. Platinum: with this plan you can earn 0.08000000 BTC every day.

  • Price: 0.9 BTC
  • Referral Bonus: 40%
  • Earning: 0.08000000 BTC
btconline io reviews

4. Professional: with this plan you can earn
0.03333333 BTC every day.

  • Price: 0.5 BTC
  • Referral Bonus: 20%
  • Earning: 0.03333333 BTC
btc free mining site

5. Enterprise: with this plan you can earn
0.03333333 BTC every day.

  • Price: 0.20 BTC
  • Referral Bonus: 17%
  • Earning: 0.01666667 BTC
btc online mining

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