Best Bitcoin Exchange for Indians – How To Buy a Bitcoin in India

buying bitcoin in india is possible even after RBI ban, you can securely buy bitcoins in India without any risk. there are many Cryptocurrency exchanges are already in the India which allows you to buy and sell any crypto using Indian currency.

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Best Bitcoin Exchanges in India | Best Website to Buy Cryptocurrencies

Here, are some Popular bitcoin exchanges where you can buy any cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH,etc. after creating your account by uploading KYC documents.

1. Wazirx

Wazirx : want to buy bitcoin in India?? so, here you can buy bitcoins on very cheap & international rates. this is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange in india to but any crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, etc.

This is on top because I personally use it so, that’s why I am recommending you. if you want to buy bitcoins so, you should join this exchange where withdrawal fees are really lowest as comparison to any other crypto currencies exchanges in India.

so, if you want to buy btc or any other than btc such as ethereum, ripple(XRP) so, you can purchase after creating your account.

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2. Bitbns

buy bitcoin instantly India

Bitbns : second best website to buy bitcoin instantly in India, because this website gives you tips on every deposit made in Indian currency so, it means if you are going to deposit 10 thousand rupees into this exchange INR wallet and if you can get a tip of 1% so, your amount will be 10100 rupees so, you can buy bitcoins of 100 rupees more.

another good thing about this bitcoin exchange is you can buy bitcoin instantly in India than other exchanges so, that’ why this is in the second position of the
buy bitcoin instantly India list.

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How To Buy Bitcoin in India After RBI BAN

if you are confusing about how to buy bitcoin in india after rbi ban so, the best answer is “by using Peer To Peer Cryptocurrency exchanges”

yes, you can still buy and sell crpto using these peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges but if you don’t know what are these exchanges so,

Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency exchanges are those exchanges which allows you send your Indian Inr rupee directly to the account of the person who is withdrawing money from the exchange.

basically these exchanges provides you account details of the person who is withdrawing the money and when you send money to account number and the person claims that yes he/she received the amount from you. than exchange will credit amount into your INR wallet of the exchange website.

but don’t worry if depositor refuse that he don’t receive the money because that time exchange ask for the bank statement of your and if this is correct so, than you will definitely receive money into your INR wallet.

is trading bitcoin legal in india ?

yes, there is no doubt you can still trade any cryptocurrecy in India but after RBI ban you can only trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ethereum, litecoin, etc. by using any peer to peer exchanges.

how to buy bitcoin in India with cash ?

no, there is no any way by which you can securely buy bitcoins with cash because there are many frauds in India who will ask you to buy bitcoins with cash but don’t purchase from them. you should only buy using any bitcoin exchange in India.

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