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First let me explain you that coinpot is not an faucet hub it is just a cryto web wallet, that you use to receive and hold some crypto currency supported by and you can also use to receive free crypto faucets from their supported websites. here is a list of their partnered websites which gives you coinpot faucets.

Coinpot Faucets List 2019 From supported Websites


Moonbitcoincash is live sites from last 4+ years and this is very trusted website, you can receive free bitcoin cash faucet for coinpot from Moonbitcoincash. if you want to read more about this websites so, here is my review about this faucet hub. and if you want to create your account right now so, below is a link. with that link you can create and instantly receive free bitcoin cash faucet for coinpot.

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Bonusbitcoin is very popular faucet hub which offers us free Bitcoin faucets after every 15 minutes. you can claim your free Bitcoin faucet after creating your account and you can also instantly withdraw your money to the wallet. if you want to read more about Bonusbitcoin so, you can my review about Bonusbitcoin or if you are not interested in reading review so, just create your account right now and claim free reward coin. link is below.


Moondogecoin provides free dogecoin faucet, you can directly sign in & claim your free faucets with the below link but first you need to have an account on because you can only sign in on Moondogecoin with your Coinpot email address. if you want to read more about this faucet hub such as their referral commission, loyalty bonus and many more so you can read my review about it or if you are not interested so, link is below for account creation.

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