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Coinpot is very popular site which provides you Faucets and micro web wallet. you can use this web wallet to store crypto you earned from coinpot partnered faucet sites

if you don’t know what are coinpot faucet sites so, these website provides you faucet for every crypto coin like ethereum, bitcoin, etc. but there faucets can only be get credited into your coin pot wallet. so, that’s why it is very necessary to have coinpot wallet before claiming free crypto coins from these websites. one of popular coinpot faucet sites is Moondogecoin

Coinpot Faucets

about coinpot faucets – you can claim coin pot faucets from any of the coinpot faucet sites but you need to have a coinpot account because you can only login on these faucets sites with your Coinpot Email like if you want to claim dogecoin from Moondogecoin so, you need to have a Coinpot Email from Coinpot.

Popular Coinpot Faucet Sites

Moondogecoin : you can get 100% Free & Legit Dogecoin faucets from this popular site called Moondogecoin. This site provides you Dogecoin into your coin pot wallet address after every 5 Minutes. you just need to visit the site, enter your Coinpot Email address and than click on login after login you can claim free dogecoins.

MoonLiteCoin : This is another very popular Litecoin coin faucet site partnered with Coinpot for providing Litecoin into your wallet. you can easily login with your coinpot Email and claim free Litecoin into your wallet after every five minutes.

Moonbitcoincash : This is same in design look a like both upper sites but difference in this site is it gives you free Bitcoin Cash into your Coin pot Bitcoin Cash Wallet. if you want to claim free Bitcoin Cash after every five minutes so, please login with your Coinpot Email Address.

There are many other CoinPot Faucet Sites which offers you free Cryptocurrencies you can find a great list of These type sites here.

Coinpot Wallet

coinpot wallets can only be used for one purpose ” to hold crypto faucets you earned from there partnered faucet sites” only for the short period I suggest you that if you have reached at minimum withdraw amount in Coinpot so, please withdraw all your earnings
into any hardware wallet.

They also provides you an option to deposit crypto into coinpot wallet address. but first you need to generate deposit address for desired crypto currency. amount will be credit after one confirmation

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