Cointiply Review : Earn Bitcoin Free By Watching Videos

Faucet : Claim Bitcoins after every 12 Hours

you can earn coins and it will automatically converted into Bitcoins lets suppose if you earn 137 coins = $0.0137 which is equal to 0.00000184 BTC at that time.

you can claim 2 time faucet in one day because they offers you 2 faucet rolls in a day.

How Much Bitcoins you can earn by Cointiply?

1. From Faucet

how much bitcoin faucet you will earn on every claim depends on your cointiplier rate. cointiplier rate is a algorithm which sets default 1.5x for every new users but can increase upto 2x .

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totally depends on your use of Cointiply services such as watching videos, referring other users, playing games and viewing PTC ads. if you have more cointiplier rate you will earn more on every claim as compared to when your cointiplier rate was 1.5x.

2. From Manual Bonus

Every New Users can get bonus of 100 coins by the admin.

3. From Watching Videos

They offers you 2 Video Service by which you can Watch Videos & Earn Coins so lets talk about first service offered by them which is called & & is service by which Cointply offers you 51 Coins for Every 3 Ads you Watched but Only Available in Some Countries. the best thing of this service is you can leave the website open and earn coins passively no need to even being at your computer.

now, about second service which called Cointiply Video Ads.

Cointiply Video Ads is available service all over the world. you can definitely earn 8 coins per video.

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