Download Brave Browser to earn Free BAT Basic Attention Tokens

if you want to earn free bat coins so, downloading the latest version of the brave browser will be a great option because this browser allows you to earn free basic attention tokens as reward and the best thing about this browser is this is an official app for all desktop and smartphone devices launched by Basic Attention Token owners.

below is a detailed video so, you can learn more about these rewards.

and you can earn 70% share of the ad revenue paid by the advertisers this earning is more than any YouTuber’s earnings because of google pays only 65 percent of ad share with YouTuber.

to start earning a free bat you must have installed the latest version of the browser. below link so you can download it for your device.

free download brave browser for windows 10 & for other operating systems

Download the latest version of Brave browser for any desktop or laptop if your system is running on Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit, macOS and Linux.

Brave Browser Android & IOS App

you can download a brave browser for your Android smartphone from Google Play Store and from Apple App Store for iPhone.

but if you don’t want to waste your time finding it on the internet, here is the direct link so, you can download it easily.

after installation of the browser, this will start showing you ads from time to time. all payments made on the 5th of every month.

About Referral:

you can earn free Basic Attention Tokens worth of up to $7.50 USD. if your friends or your invitee will install the brave browser using your download link or by your brave browser promo code.

requirements to join Brave referral program

anyone can join this program but you must have at least one of these below channel/account or a blog.

  • Website
  • youtube channel
  • Twitch Channel
  • Twitter Account
  • Vimeo Channel
  • Reddit Account
  • GitHub Account

referral earnings will directly credit to your Uphold wallet so, you need to connect yours in the uphold wallet section.

what is Brave Tipping Banner

if you are a content creator so you can get Bat coins as a tip from your fans if they like your content so, they can directly send you some basic attention token using this feature. here is an image of whatever I am talking about

download brave browser

Referral Payouts Rates

referral earnings will depend on that, from which country your user is coming because they divided countries all over the world divided into 5 groups.

  • if your traffic comes from Group 1 countries so, it will be BAT equivalent to $7.50
  • if your traffic comes from Group 2 countries so, it will be BAT equivalent to $6.50
  • if your traffic comes from Group 3 countries so, it will be BAT equivalent to $5.00
  • if your traffic comes from Group 4 countries so, it will be BAT equivalent to $2.00
  • if your traffic comes from Group 5 countries so, it will be BAT equivalent to $1.00

to know which countries come in which group you should refer to these below images.

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