Best Writing Jobs That Pay You BTC, ETH – Earn Cryptocurrency Through Blogging

Do you want to earn bitcoins, ethereum, etc. while blogging, so, here you can find 10+ writing Jobs that pays you in cryptocurrency for blogging. don’t matter you are a beginner in writing or a professional, you can earn good income in crypto such as BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, etc. only by writing about your passion or about anything else.

Best Websites To Earn Cryptocurrency Online Free Through Blogging

if you are a faucet earner like me so, you should know that I am making almost 100 dollars every month. I know that you are thinking only 100 dollars but do you know I getting this only becuase I invested my 8 hours of my life time. so you know if you will invest more you can definitely earn more than me only through blogging on these Platforms such as Publish0x, Steemit, etc. I have written almost 20 Blog post on these websites are paying cryptocurrencies every month.

1. Publish0x

Publish0x : This website allows you a platform to create your own blog but the difference between this website and other blogging platform is it pays you cryptocurrencies for writing post on your blog.

They also allows you to earn from referral program, after creating your account you can get your referral link from the ambassador program panel and earn 5% lite time earning in cryptocurrencies whenever you will invite someone and they will earn any crypto from writing blogs.

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2. SteemIt

SteemIt : provides you rewards for writing contents on your blog, the best thing about this blogging platform is here you can get more reads on your blog post than anywhere else that’s why I like it. this not only a blogging platform but also a community for blogger, where almost every author right on single topic cryptocurrencies so, you can learn more ways to earn crypto with each other on the platform.

you can also earn rewards if you don’t know anything about blogging by Upvoting and Commenting on other authors blog posts. to earn more rewards you only need to upvote and comment on the latest post as well as old post of any bloggers.

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