Faucet Ethereum : Ethereumfree.info Review – Please Stay Away

Ethereumfree.info Review : this faucet is total time waste & 100% scam website but you can find more eth faucets on TakeFreeBitcoin

In this post I am going to talk about a website which is very popular because many faucet earners are still using it but this faucet website is not paying us.

Ethereumfree.info is the name of that website. It may be that many faucet earners found this website by Google for these popular keywords.

I recommend Please do not search this below listed keywords on the Internet.

  • get ether for free
  • how to get free ethereum

because there are many frauds are running scam websites for Free Ethereum faucets.

and if you will search these keywords than you will definitely caught by any of them.

why are you wasting your time in search for legit faucets if I am still alive. please visit TakeFreeBitcoin.net for latest news about every faucet websites.

I am also a Faucet Earner like you & always spend my whole days in searching for latest faucet sites and I write here all about it.

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Ethereumfree.info is 100% Scam & Total time waste

first off all very sorry if you have created your account on Ethereumfree.info because of me I don’t know that it will be an scam.

but now I can say that it is total scam website.

Min Withdrawal amount is 0.07004950 ETH which is 0.0604950 ETH before last sunday.

I mailed too many times to owner of ethereumfree.info but not received any reply from them.

when you will search on This listed Keyword on Google you can find this website on top.

  • free ethereum
  • freeethereum
  • ethereum faucet
  • free-ethereum
  • free ethereum faucet

it means their are many faucet earners searching for free ethereum faucets are still joining it and willing that this free faucet ethereum website is going to pay them.

and here is screenshot of ethereumfree.info traffic rank which #10955 by Alexa.com

it means a very huge traffic they are getting. I don’t know how I can tell others for not to create their account on this fraud website so, I write this content you can also help me in spreading this news by sharing.

please tell others by sharing this post to F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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