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There is a new Website for us to Grab Free bitcoins, This website offers us many like Faucet, visiting short links, and via PTC ads Jobs (simple tasks), CPU Mining, and many others to claim Satoshi (Bits). the best thing about this website is they don’t have Popup ads is really a good thing because popup ads interrupt users to do tasks. if didn’t know about it yet so, you can register for this website registration link is given below.

Create Account on GraB.TC

before we talk, more about this Faucet here is something for the first time users of TakeFreeBitcoin, I want to inform that is providing 0.1 BTC as Welcome Bonus and B.C game is also offering free spins to get 0.5 BTC so, you can also join these both websites to add more cryptocurrencies into your portfolio.

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How to Grab Free Bitcoins, Bits, Satoshi at GRABTC? Full Review

to, grab BTC after your creating your account you can visit the faucet page that you can find Earn BTC which is first in the header menu but here, on this website not only the faucet is a way to Grab Bitcoins but you can also find many other ways to increase you Bits (Satoshi) which are brave Cashback Offer, Visit Shortlinks, Jobs, 100 Bits/ Payment Proof, Achievements, CPU Mining, Investment Game, Redeem Coupon.

you can also other sections such as offer walls, surveys, contests, a lottery to earn and win free Bitcoins. below I’m going to explain everything in detail for those who are starting to earn Bitcoins online from faucets.

if you’re the new faucet earner and if you haven’t created an account on any faucet-like website and you haven’t even earned any single satoshi for free so, this guide is for you.

Let’s begin today I am talking About GRABTC which is a legit bitcoin Faucet like many other bitcoin faucets but GRABTC is working a little differently than all other bitcoin faucets because it doesn’t keep popup ads which are always a distraction when we visit any other faucet.

not keeping popup ads is a pros but there are many other pros and we are going to discuss about every feature of this website in detail.

Faucet: this is the main way to grab bitcoins easily on this faucet. to claim a faucet you just need to visit the faucet page where you will have to solve a captcha to claim satoshi and bits. you can claim free BTC after every one hour you will earn a reward according to the lucky number below is an image to get an idea to know how it works.

PTC Ads: this website’s PTC Ads section gives you rewards for clicking on other website links to know more visit the PTC ads section on GRABTC. you can find here a lot of websites to click on, you can click on each link every day.

Paid Surveys: you can earn money for BTC for completing surveys currently they are offering surveys from CPX-Research, TheoremReach, Yuno Surveys, Pollfish Survey, Wannads Survey, JungleSurvey.

CPU Mining: it also offers Bitcoin CPU Mining that you can use by visiting CPU MIning page in the earn BTC section in Menu. once you visit CPU Mining page you can click on the Start button to start the mining service on your CPU, you can keep open that Tab to stay active CPU Mining in the background while you work on any other things.

Referral Program: it’s referral program offers you to earn daily commissions of your friend’s earnings for your lifetime only if they will create their account using your special affiliate URL, you will earn 12 percent from their faucet claim, 3 percent from offerwalls earnings, and 1 percent from short links section earnings.

Conclusion: in this post, I have tried to explain to you everything about this new bitcoin faucet, after my own research on the web I found this website is a Legit website but before creating your own account you should research first. I’m not responsible if something happens I’m also a faucet earner like you.

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