how to earn free bitcoin Easy ways to earn free bitcoins fast & instantly

you know guys, Today in online world there are many ways to make money online. earn bitcoin free is the best way to make money online.

here, I am going to write about some free ways to earn money online in Bitcoins.

in this post i will also tell you about how you can earn bitcoin from Free Bitcoin Faucet, Lottery and Dice! websites. below are all ways by which you can make free bitcoin easily.

Best Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins Instantly

want to take free bitcoin, on this website you will get all methods to get free bitcoins easily. there are many sites which gives you free bitcoin without any investment you can read about them here.

1. By Bitcoin (BTC) PTC Sites

if you want make free bitcoin so, this type sites are really helpful for you.

what is PTC sites

PTC sites means Paid to click sites, this type sites pay their users to click on advertisement.

as other ptc sites bitcoin ptc sites are also same sites which gives you an oppurtunity to earn free freely bitcoins by clicking on their ads

2. Bitcoin (BTC) Games / Betting Sites

If you love gamble or want to earn free bitcoin by playing games online so, this option is best for you. there are many Dice games, poker games and other games websites which offers you free bitcoin.

There are many types of online games available for multiplying your bitcoins instantly. here you can find top Bitcoin games by which you can make more bitcoins easily.

Bitcoin (BTC) Dice Sites

Bitcoin (BTC) Dice Sites are the dice gaming sites which offers you an online dice games which you can play by betting with your bitcoins. below are the some of best bitcoin dice sites.

Bitcoin (BTC) Poker Sites

Bitcoin (BTC) Poker Sites are the second most popular bitcoin games after dice games, Bitcoin poker sites are same function as dice gaming sites by here you can choose you poker if you don’t like dice.

3. By Bitcoin Faucet Sites

faucet sites are a type of sites which gives you reward for vising their sites after some interval of time you can read more about bitcoin faucets on wikipedia

there are many legit faucet hubs who are offering you free bitcoin faucets on daily basis , and you can also withdraw that coins to you wallet. you can also earn other crypto currencies from this multi faucets hub.

How To Get Free Bitcoins Fast From Faucet Sites?

if you want to earn free bitcoins fast so, you need to visit below listed websites and follow all the instructions. below are the some steps to claim your faucets.

  • Visit the faucet sites
  • Enter your bitcoin address
  • Now click on the get reward button.

There are many type faucets sites, but we are explaining here about three type of faucet sites.

  1. Direct Faucets sites
  2. Coinpot Faucets sites
  3. Faucet Hub Faucets sites

Bitcoin (BTC) Direct Faucets Sites

Bitcoin (BTC) Direct faucets sites are those sites which gives you bitcoin faucets directly into your bitcoin wallet address without using any other third party Bitcoin Micropayment Service such as coinpot or faucet hub

Bitcoin (BTC) Coinpot Faucets Sites

it also work as same as direct faucets sites but whenever you get any reward from this type of sites you need an Coinpot Cryptocurrency wallet. becuase they only send your reward directly into your Coinpot Cryptocurrency microwallet.

Bitcoin (BTC) Faucethub Faucets Sites

Faucethub faucet sites are those sites which gives you reward faucet whenever you visit their website after some interval of time but they require you to have an Faucethub wallet. you can directly create your faucet hub wallet by visiting their official website

4. By Referring Someone Else

All bitcoin exchanges and other faucet websites sites giving you an option to reffer some one else by that option you can refer your freinds, collegues, or other family members by sharing your refferal link via whatsapp and by writing an review on your blog. and when they will use that websites you make free bitcoins.

5. By Daily Interest

many websites offering daily or annual interest on your bitcoin if you keep your bitcoin into thier wallet for a time your desired time period, they will pay you every day interest for your bitcoin. you can make bitcoin by mainting your bitcoin balance to a minimum of and the best best thing about this option is there is no any locking period, you can withdraw your money any time when you want.

6. By Bitcoin Mining

you can also make free bitcoin by buying some mining contracts. there is many players around on the web who are already giving you this type mining contracts such as and more, you will can directly get free mining packs but they gives you free faucet and after that you can exchange it with your desired mining packs.