What is Presearch : All You Need To Know About Presearch (PRE) Coins

What is Presearch

you can say Presearch is the world’s first Search Engine which is fully decantralized & where users can earn their Presearch cryptocurrency Tokens Freely by surfing the internet.

What is
Presearch Cryptocurrency Tokens ?

This is a new SEARCH ENGINE where you can search any thing form worlds popular search engines such as Google, Duck Duck Go, etc. and Earn “PRE Tokens” which is their official cryptocurrency tokens running on Ethereum platform.

Minimum Withdrawal

minimum threshold to withdraw your Pre Coins From Presearch is 1,000 PRE.

How TO Earn Free Cryptocurrency on Presearch.org

you can earn 0.25 PRE Tokens on every search you made on this search engine.

below are the steps you need to follow to Get coins right now.

Step.1- Create Your Account

you only need to create you account now. after creating your account you can redirected to their Homepage.

Step.2- Search More, Earn More

After visiting their Homepage, you can search for anything. every time you will search a query. 0.25 PRE Tockens will be added to your account.

About Referral:-

you can also invite your friends on this search engine to make more Presearch Coins. you can get 25 PRE token on referral. but condition is you referral has earned atleast 100 Presearch reward tokens, and has been active for atleast 60 days after creating account on it.

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