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free-bcash is a very popular for free bitcoin cash faucet where, faucet earners from all over the world can earn free bcash every hour.

the main problem with this website is about their minimum payout 0.000300000 which is equal to their network fee.

it means whenever you withdraw your BCH earnings from you will receive no free bitcoin cash. but do not worry you can hold it to their wallet to earn 6% interest rate yearly and if will invite your friends so you can earn more from their other features such as lottery & multiply so, it will increase your faucet more than the network fees so, you can withdraw your faucet earning from this website easily.

how to get bitcoin cash for free on

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you just need to signup & login on Free bcash to get free bitcoin cash every hour. these below steps you should to receive free bitcoin cash on this website.

Step-1. Visit official Website

first, make sure that you visited the official – get free bitcoin cash every hour website for BCH Faucet if you not sure 100% so, below is legit website link to receive free bitcoin cash.

Step -2. Now Create Your Account

if have already created your account you can proceed to next step but if you are new to this website so, you need to click on sign-up button which you can find at upper right side corner of the website. just click on that and it will open a sign up form which is similar to below image.

freebcash, free bch every hour, free bcash every hour

just fill this form with your name & email, password and click on next button to get free bch every hour on freebcash.

Step.3- Login & Claim Bitcoin Cash For free

after login it automatically redirect you to win free bitcoincash every hour roll page where you can solve a Captcha and than click on roll button. here it totally depends on your luck that how much bitcoin cash you will after every 1 hour. it depends on which number you got at the time of roll. below is their official chart for with lucky number and much you can earn with this faucet website after every one hour. review, win free bitcoincash every hour review

I am also a bitcoin cash faucet earner from and This is my 100% legit review. I am using this website from last two year, I have already earned & referred my friends on this website .

Minimum Withdrawal Amount

you can withdraw your BCH faucet earning after reaching the minimum 0.000300000 from

About Their Referral Program

you can earn total of 50% from your referrals so, create your account now with the link below and start inviting your friends to earn more from this website.

Other Features:-

here many other options available to earn free BCH Such as – Multiply, Earn & Lottery

with Multiply section you can multiply your bitcoin cash like other bitcoin cash faucet sites and in earn section you need to hold your money to earn yearly 6% interest on your bitcoin cash. and in Lottery section you can buy some lottery tickets with your faucet earnings & if you were lucky so, you can earn upto 0.01309000 BCH after every 7 days for free.

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